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How To Give Classy Look To Your Home

Do you know which things at our home get more attention of your guest? What are the things on which the interior designers give more focus while designing your home? Yes, your Upholstery plays the vital role in your home decor, as we know.

Don’t you think you should maintain the look of your home? So, how can your little attention on your upholstery can change the normal look of your home to a classy look? Confused? Oh...Don’t be! That’s why we are here with some tips to make your home more classy with furniture or upholstery.


Your home is well furnished, but it’s useless if it does not provoke your guest to say “Wow! What a lovely house you have!”. Who does not like the praises of their home from their relatives and friends? It’s because we give our full efforts to make our home beautiful and maintaining it’s decorum.


In upholstered furniture, we have Sofa, Chairs, Loveseats, padded stools, settees, floor cushions, children furnitures and much more things. It not only offers a luxurious life to us but also covers empty spaces of our home and gives a complete look to our sweet home.

How to make our Home looking classy?

Here, we have two possibilities :-
1) either you already have furniture at your home and you want to give it a refreshing look, or
2) you are going to buy some upholstered furniture for your house.
If you already have furniture or upholstery at your house then all you need to do is “Reupholster” to make it looks beautiful. You can just replace the attached fabric covering your furniture by keeping few points in mind (which are mentioned below).

If you are planning to buy new upholstery for your home then you have a wide range of choice in colors, fabric, texture or pattern for your brand new upholstery. Just some tips are there that you need to remember before you decide to make a big investment.

“Your Home Should Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Be A Collection Of What You Love”

So, here are the points that will guide you in selecting right furniture for your home.

  1. Selecting right color of Upholstery


As we know how much colors affect our mind and thinking, that’s why it is given the highest priority. Again the color of your wall and floor also matters a lot.

  • For light colored walls and floors then select any dark color upholstery
  • For dark colored walls and floors then select any light or bright colors upholstery
  • Always go for the contrasting colors that will surely enhance the look of your room
  • Darks colors are usually the better option than bright colors to make your rooms look more expensive and classy.
  • Also make sure that your furniture could hide the frequent strain or dirt marks on it with it's color. For that muddy color would be best!

  1. Selecting right fabric of Upholstery


The fabric of your upholstery mainly decides the longevity of your expensive furniture. Therefore, before choosing any fabric, close your eyes and think at least once how frequently your upholstery will be used. If you feel that your furniture will be highly used then you should go for any durable fabric for it.

  • For durability, choose fabric with maximum thread count. The Thread count shows the number of threads per square inch of a fabric.
  • If your pets are going to share your sofa with you then choose fabrics like Leather, Synthetic Fibers (such as Ultrasuede, microfibers), Crypton or any other pet friendly fabric.
  • Choose the Fabric which is stain, odor and damage resistant and can be easily wiped clean.

  1. Selecting right fabric design/texture/pattern of Upholstery


The fabric style or pattern highly shows how modern or traditional you are. This is the factor that confuse you a lot when you are at the shop and wish to buy upholstery fabric. Selecting any pattern is totally up to you what look you want to give to your room. Mainly people like Casual look but someone also like to go for formal look, or any other.

But don’t forget these points that affects a lot :
  • Woven patterns are more durable than printed patterns as they tightly hold up longer than printed ones.
  • Fabric patterns can easily hide strain or dirt marks, so select the pattern accordingly.
  • Large patterns look good for large space and small patterns are best for small space.
  • You can also go for mix or multiple patterns (not more than 3) for your upholstery with few similarities and that looks better with each other.

  1. Cleaning and Maintaining your Upholstery

You are all set with your well furnished home with an awesome decor, but is it enough to show your home classy? Yes, for a duration it's enough, but it demands something more to beautify and glorify your efforts, i.e. Regular Upholstery Cleaning.


Upholstery cleaning not only helps you to make your home clean and beautiful but also saves you from innumerous germs and bacteria and creates an healthy environment for you.
Well, I would like to recommend two main Upholstery cleaning such as Sofa or Couch Cleaning and Dining Chair Cleaning because it gets highest traffic in your home.

  1. Sofa or Couch Cleaning :

    Always get expert couch cleaners for your expensive couches. They can clean your couches and sofa either by ‘couch steam cleaning’ or ‘couch dry cleaning’ depending on the dirt occurred on the couch.


  1. Dining chair Cleaning :

    We take our food, i.e. the main sources of our energy at this place. Therefore, it must be always clean and hygienic or germ free. Don't forget dining table and dining chair cleaning after every meal.

We are grateful to Lotus Cleaning Service providers who is the source of this useful information about upholstery cleaning melbourne or couch cleaning melbourne. They provide the best professional home cleaning services such as curtain cleaning melbourne or drapes cleaning melbourne.

Friday, 18 August 2017

How to maintain your place after Professional Cleaning

We know how our home starts shining after Professional Cleaning. But obviously, after a week the shine fades off and the result of the expensive cleaning gets vanished. How can we maintain the results of the latest cleaning of our home or office? Here, you can get some important points which would help you to maintain the effects of Professional cleaning.


Do you know why do we like neat and clean places? It’s because the clean and healthy environment automatically generates the positive energy surrounding us. For few seconds you just close your eyes and think that after a long tedious time at your office or your workplace, you entered your clean home..... Just imagine how would you feel at that moment. It makes us relaxing and filled with amazing energy.

So it proves that professional cleaning is necessary for our home and office. But it is not possible to carry out professional cleaning repeatedly during the short span. Therefore, the solution is "Maintenance of Professional Cleaning!! In this blog, you can learn how to maintain your home or office to make the shine of Professional Cleaning last longer. Here, some major points are described which will make you understand what tasks are required for regular cleaning.

    Carpet covers most of the area of our home and also contains too much dirt and different harmful germs. Therefore, our carpet needs more care from our side. If you have a pet at your home then you have taken special care of your carpets. Again you have to ready always for cleaning pet accidents on the carpet.

    Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to give a new life to your carpet. But it also requires best maintenance after professional cleaning from our side. For that you need to follow few tips mentioned below.

    During the Professional Carpet Cleaning, the carpet experts apply protection guards to the carpets which help in preventing the carpets from dust for few weeks. The carpet protectors will do their work ofcourse but you need to do few things by yourself

    • Place doormats on every exterior doorways
    • Avoid Shoes and use soft slippers on your carpet
    • Use dark curtains to prevent your carpets from direct sunlight
    • Vacuuming your carpet regularly keeping traffic and other use factors in mind
    • Always avoid scrubbing the fibers of your carpets
    • Clean the carpets under the types of furniture in a week or month
    • Use protective pads under heavy furniture to avoid carpet damage
    • Keep a handy Do-it-Yourself carpet cleaning kit
    • Don’t avoid or postpone repairing of your carpet if required

    Can you imagine your home perfect without a healthy kitchen? The kitchen is the place from where we consume our daily meal. You may not be aware of another side it becomes the “Living room” for unpredictable germs if hygiene is not maintained properly. Yes, it’s scary but true.

    For restaurant owners, the kitchen is a heart of their business. These kitchens are huge and every kitchen staff should responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of their working place. Following tips will be more helpful for them also to maintain their kitchen area.
    Can you imagine healthy life without healthy food? Not only our health but it also creates our impression amongst our guests, friends, relatives, etc. Let’s take the following tips seriously and make our kitchen healthy and organized!

    • Keep the dishes, floor, and surfaces and especially SINK clean and hygiene
    • Clean Kitchen Cabinets regularly with warm water or soapy water
    • Keep Your Counters, Fridge Clean And Organized. Also, check items in the fridge for the expiry dates
    • Keep your appliances clean like microwave ovens, stoves, dishwashers, etc. regularly
    • Keep your trash clean and hygiene, wash it regularly
    • Take immediate action when you notice any insects or mice in your kitchen
    • Don’t forget to clean your kitchen chimney in a week or in a month

    There are different types of Tiles used in different places of your home or office. Floor Tiles, Bathroom or Toilet Tiles, Kitchen Wall Tiles, etc. Therefore, these different tiles need different cleanings depending on the dirt and germs they have occupied during a time period.

    Floor or kitchen wall tiles contains less dirt and germs as compare to Bathroom or Toilet Tiles. Therefore, they do not need deep tile cleaning or grout cleaning. All you need to do is just the basic maintenance of Floor tiles, i.e. Sweep or vacuum floors.

    For Kitchen wall tiles, the major concern is the oil stains. This tile needs cleaning weekly or monthly for the oil marks removal.

    Tile Cleaning and Maintaining of toilet and bathroom is the first step towards maintaining home hygiene. It’s required to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses in our house or office. Let’s see how we can save our place from these malicious germs.

    • Coat shower walls and doors with a water repellent
    • Clean your bathroom and toilet daily
    • Tile and Grout cleaning and scrubbing weekly or monthly
    • Avoid metallic brush, wax-based cleaners and oil-based detergents for Grout cleaning
    • Use floor mats at entrances and exits
    • Use protective pads under heavy furniture to avoid tile damage

By following these tips you can provide the best maintenance to your home for which it deserves.

Thanks to Lotus Cleaning Service who are the service provider of curtain cleaning melbourne or drapes cleaning melbourne. Again they are the source of this useful information about cleaning tips for home. If your uncleaned sofa or upholstery are bothering you, then you can contact them and get the best solution such as upholstery cleaning melbourne or couch cleaning melbourne.

Friday, 21 April 2017

How to keep your Home safe and healthier during Autumn season?

Autumn is running. Summer was averaging for airing out your house and letting that wind pass through, but as the temperature changes from summer to autumn and you close your windows, your home can be dirty by some harmful substances. As the air turns cooler and leaves drop from the trees, it's important to keep a few important Autumn safety tips in mind. With proper precautions and safety awareness, your family can enjoy that crisp autumn weather while avoiding some of the dangers that come with the season.

Home Safety during Autumn

Preparing your Home for Autumn : Home Maintenance Tips

It’s almost time for Autumn. Summer is drawing to a close, like it or not. Before the leaves fall and the wind turns chill, it’s a good idea to do some seasonal maintenance in your home. Here is some checklist for your home safety:  
Check Repairing work : Do a quick check for areas in your home that may need repair before extreme weather hits like unsteady roof shingles, warped window sills, and concrete that might be sloping toward the house.

Check for mold : The humidity of summer can cause mold to flourish. Check locations such as around leaky pipes, basements, or areas that don’t get good ventilation. Clean surfaces that tend to stay moist a while, like shower enclosures, sinks, and floor drains, with mold-busting cleansers or a homemade preparation made with a mild solution of bleach and dishwashing liquid.

Check The Air Flow : During the warm summer months, and once the weather cools, it’s possible that some rodents and insects have made themselves at home to escape the hot sun or the cold nights. Duct cleaning will throw out these vermin and also clean anything they’ve left behind. duct cleaning also improves the indoor air quality of your home.  

Change Filters: Pollen can live in your home for years. Clean or change your air conditioner and furnace filters, since pollen persists long after the hot temps turn cold. You'll cut down on pollen inside your house, and you'll lower your energy bills; clean filters allow both your heating and cooling systems to run more efficiently.

Has your Fire Safety Inspected?

Some safety tips are the same regardless of the time of year, but many safety concerns are seasonal, particularly those that involve keeping your home warm. Check all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they work, and change the batteries.
Home Maintenance during Autumn
Do not warm your kitchen with a gas range or an open oven door, as this can lead to toxic air that is not safe to breathe. Have your home heating system serviced before the cool weather sets in. This could be a furnace, central heat, chimneys, etc.

Why Cleaning is so Important during Autumn?

One great thing about the mild weather are being able to enjoy summer wind. Fresh air is good for health and also make your house smell great, but it also invites allergens into your home. Your home's carpets, fabric furniture, mattress, and curtains are the perfect source for these invaders around the entire house. If you have allergies and asthma problem, you could be punishing yourself all winter by unclean your home's interior.

Having the windows open, summer rainstorms and continuous humidity can all lead to a buildup of mold and mildew in your home. This is due to the moisture mixing with dirt and fluff that has built up. This can affect your health.  

We can take advantage of the last warm days of the year and do all the chores that are impossible to deal with in the cold season. 

Autumn cleaning isn’t all about tidying, organizing, but also about preparing our home for the winter. 

  In-Door Autumn Cleaning Tasks 

Mattress Cleaning : Wash all bedding in preparation for cooler temperatures and use very hot water, to kill dust mites and bacteria. Sprinkle the mattress with baking soda to neutralize odors, and then vacuum it up.
Autumn Season Home Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning: Carpets tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and dust and you don’t want to wait until spring to deal with this. Include carpets in your autumn cleaning chores. Shampoo all of your carpets and change your vacuum cleaner bag. When you vacuum, go over each area multiple times to get up as much dust as possible. We recommend getting a professional cleaning once a year, but you can also do a good job by renting a carpet cleaner and using some Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing products for your health benefits.

Curtain Cleaning: In winter Curtain can’t dry easily so you can do per-preparation for winter during the autumn season. Launder Curtains and vacuum window blinds. Clean wood blinds with a mild wood cleaning solution.If you like this blog or want to clean your home with the professional cleaners then there are some special offers waiting for you: curtain cleaning melbourne or drapes cleaning melbourne.  

Upholstery Cleaning: Furniture has long drying process so it’s better to tackle this task now. Vacuum all upholstered furniture, if it is not possible then we recommend you to hire professional cleaners for deep cleaning and sanitizing your whole home upholstered furniture. then check out their special offer of upholstery cleaning melbourne or couch cleaning melbourne.  

Each season brings its own challenges on your home, so stay organized and focused. With summer ending and autumn on the way, you can go into the new season secure that your home is in perfect shape!
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How To Give Classy Look To Your Home

Do you know which things at our home get more attention of your guest? What are the things on which the interior designers give more focus...